John Kerr drummer Boston, MA

   Versatile Drum Set & Percussion

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JK Drum Solutions - Great, great educational drumming site (cough) - Great, great educational drumming site
MuseScore - Open source notation software that rivals the "name brands"
Austin Drummer Magazine - Online drum magazine published by Austin, TX drummer Nic Marcy

Brian T. Carter - Versatile drummer/percussionist (NYC)
Brian Kelley - Groovy Boston-area drummer
Jim Linsner - Great drummer from Buffalo, NY
Nic Marcy - A versatile drummer, instructor, educational author from Austin, TX.
Andy Ziker - Drummer, instructor, educational author from San Jose, CA.
Clara Berry and Wooldog - Drummer Joe O'Neill (Portland, ME)
John Hennigan - Creative multi-instrumentalist and prolific composer. His FB page here as well (Pawtucket, RI)

Gokhan Telci Photographer Boston, MA
Anthony Magarello - Friend, whip-smart fella and man of many trades including writer, woodworker, comedian and intellectually curious human.(NC)
Janine Senatore Pottery - Fabulous pottery maker. Hanover, MA & Dania, FL
Mr. Awesome Stuff - Locally-made hygiene/cleaning products. Escape the toxic-grid!
Open Office - It's free and rivals anything Microsoft.
Mises Institute - Economics based on reality.
End the Fed - Learn about the oligarchy that has been depleting your dollar's value through inflation, funding every single war and dissolving your civil liberties since 1913.
Dr. Glidden (naturopathic doctor/information) - It's only a matter of time that you realize "alopathic" medicine never worked.
Freedomain Radio - Stefan Molyneux (Mahl-eh-new) is a modern-day philosopher who clearly elocutes on various and sundry topics mostly about personal and political freedom.